New Course Bundles

We are pleased to announce, by popular demand, two course bundles.  Both are designed to allow you to qualify to assess and train, whether in a full-time, part-time or freelance position. You do not need to provide your own candidates and you will receive nationally recognised qualifications that are required by all training providers and colleges. Bundle 1: Level 5 Diploma, TAQA and L3 E&T This course is designed to provide you with a nationally recognised Level 5 Diploma in either Management, Leadership in Health & Social Care or Leadership in Children and Young People’s Services, as well as the full Level 3 Assessors’ qualification (Level 3 Certificate in Assessing the Quality of Assessment). You will required to be currently working in the management role for the pathway you wish to study eg Level 5 Leadership in Health & Social Care requires you to be in at least a supervisory role within the health and social care setting. CLICK HERE for more information. Bundle 2: Level 3 TAQA and Level 3 E&T This course is designed to provide you with the two nationally recognised qualifications to enable you to train and assess in the subjects that you are currently competent in.  These are the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing the Quality of Assessment and the Level 3 Award in Education & Training (PTLLS). These qualifications are recognised and required by training providers and colleges in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  You will be required to carry out a 60 minute course presentation as part of your Level 3 E&T requirements and also assess two candidates in two units.  However, we will provide you with these candidates. CLICK HERE for more information CONTACT US ON 01279 725361 or EMAIL US AT: apple_training_logo_web_Medium