Changes to the QCF qualification framework

From 1st October 2015, Ofqual have removed the QCF rules so that high quality vocational qualifications can be designed around the needs of employers, rather than the prescriptive set of QCF rules. The change is part of wider plans to strengthen vocational qualifications in England and Northern Ireland. These changes are being rolled out to the awarding bodies who are busy making the necessary changes.  In regards to when changes will be noticed by us as training providers, we are still waiting to hear.  It is anticipated to be rolled out in 2016/17. As of today, the new framework which replaces the QCF (Qualification Credit Framework) is known as the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF). In our eyes, this means that all the vocational qualifications that we deliver will no longer be subject the the restrictive rules of the QCF and will be more malleable to the needs of our employers.  How this translates to what the qualifications will be called and what they will look like, we are still waiting to hear.  However, this is an exciting time and we look forward to being able to deliver qualifications that are much more suitable to our employers’ needs. If you would like to see a quick 2 page summary: CLICK HERE Once we hear about more news, we will let you all know. All the team at Apple Training Academy. apple_training_logo_web_Medium