Brain Injury Awareness

traumatic-brain-injury-11A new addition to our short course list! Brain Injury is a devastating event in the lives of those who are living with the injury, and for the families and carers who are delivering their care. We are currently focussing on Brain Injury, another of the many training courses we offer and deliver. In this field we look at:
  • the brain and its functions
  • the areas that control the body and its autonomy
  • how stimulation and movement can help to bring back basic tasks to the individual
  • how the brain reacts to constant exercise to stimulate the senses
Brain injury can affect new born babies, either in the womb or during the delivery as well as incidents later in life such as when there is an accident, or if there is a Cerebral Vascular Accident, (Stroke). We invite you to talk to us about your course requirements. It is our aim to help you to deliver first class care in your establishment, via the training from our expert team. Contact us on: Tel: 01279 725361 Email: Web: