ICB Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping

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Overview The Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping covers the basic principles of single and double entry bookkeeping and its application to business in both manual and computerised systems. On completion of this level of study you will be able to: Understand the following areas of underpinning knowledge:
  • The importance of adhering to a code of professional ethics
  • The differences between the structure of different types of businesses
  • The importance of legislation that applies to bookkeepers
  • The basic elements of a contract
  • The accounting equation
  • The concept of reporting on a cash basis for income tax purposes
  • The concept of business entity, duality and historical cost
  • Understand banking procedures including the need for security
  • Understand the purpose and range of business documents, and accurately prepare them
  • Understand the purpose of, and make entries into a recognised bookkeeping system
  • Understand the process of dealing with and how to account for VAT
  • Understand the purpose and use of an analysed cash book and the petty cash book
  • Understand the purpose and use of the trial balance
  • Understand when a suspense account would be used
  • Set up a business in a computerised system
Print out reports as follows:
  • Trial balance
  • Audit trail
  • Nominal account transactions
  • Credit sales and purchases transactions
  • Banking and VAT Reports
Assessment and Grading The testing of knowledge and skills for the qualification will comprise three online assessments, all of which are taken in your home or place of work. The first two will test manual knowledge of double entry bookkeeping to trial balance for a variety of types of businesses; the third will test the set up and data entry to trial balance using a computerised system. The content of each assessment is listed below, together with the relevant weighting of each section within each paper. Entry Requirements – This course is open to candidates of 16 years and over, and there are no barriers on the grounds of sex, race, creed or academic attainment in learning.  No prior bookkeeping knowledge is assumed at this level but you must have basic numerical skills. Occupational Role: Assistant Bookkeeper – Upon completion of this qualification you will be able to carry out the role of an employed assistant bookkeeper under supervision. You should be able to demonstrate a full understanding of the concepts of double entry bookkeeping and its place in modern business, enter transactions into a bookkeeping system and produce an initial trial balance. The full qualification will be graded at Distinction with Honours, Distinction, Merit or Pass Because all assessments are taken at home or at the place of work, each test will be graded as follows: Distinction 95 -100% Merit 90 – 94% Pass 85 – 89% Fail 0 – 84% Once all assessments have been successfully completed a final certificate can be applied for which will be graded at Distinction with Honours, Distinction, Merit or Pass. Unit results will be aggregated. To achieve the relevant grade in the full qualification, the following overall average marks must be achieved: Distinction with Honours 98% and above Distinction 95% – 97% Merit 90% – 94% Pass 85% – 89% Level of Membership Successful achievement at the full qualification will lead to the offer to upgrade to Affiliate Member of ICB and the award of the designatory letters AfICB. Completion  Depending on the candidate, it is anticipated that you will be able to complete this within 3 to 6 months. You are required to complete this qualification within a maximum of 12 months.

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