Where’s the birdie?

spring_has_SprungSpring is sprung The grass is ris I wonder where the birdies is?” Thanks to Frederic Ogden Nash for this daft saying but it always comes to mind at this time of year. Even so, it is clear to see that everyone and everything has come to life again, particularly now that we are officially in British Summer time. Inevitably this means not been able to hide under a woolly jumper and makes me think of my winter spare tyre. You may be pleased to hear that I have lost a huge 3 lbs in body weight but am now sick of the raw food smoothie diet and crave something crunchy and sweet. And now the shops are full of Easter eggs to make things additionally difficult. However, I allowed myself to feel a little smug this week when the news revealed that we are now supposed to be eating 7 portions of veg and fruit a day. Easy, I’ve become a rabbit on this diet! Seriously though, nutrition and diet is this month’s target subject and we are all becoming very well aware of how closely diet is linked with health and well-being. I hope you all enjoy the Easter break. Jules Cook Jules Small image