Spring is officially here!

sunSpring is officially here and the days are getting longer.  This finally dawned on me yesterday when I noticed it was 9pm and still just light outside.  Doesn’t it make you feel so much better! This month has also seen so much activity, with trade shows and events left right and centre.  A particular point of interest this month is Mental Health Awareness Week which takes place from 12th – 18th May.  This year they are particularly looking at anxiety. Visit the dedicated web page at:  http://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/our-work/mentalhealthawarenessweek/get-involved/?view=Standard if you wish to get involved in organising activities, events or providing support.  You will also find several downloadable information booklets and posters which will help you in your quest. Carrying on with this theme is our trainer, Margaret’s contribution regarding Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards which has become an interesting topic of conversation recently with questions about whether this legislation should be revisited. Foremost in our minds is also the recent media attention to the Panorama report on a carehome in Essex.  For those of us involved in delivering good quality care, you will also be interested to read Baroness Kingsmill’s article on Taking Care, published in the CMI May magazine which reports on the working conditions in the care sector. Let’s continue to carry the flag for excellent care and people management! Jules