Our Trainer Saves Someone’s Life!

Vicky Saves a Life!

On Thursday 12th May, one of our assessors, Vicky Brace was returning to Kings Cross station in London following supporting a group of our candidates on their QCF Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care. Victoria Brace Her story is as follows: I was walking back to the train station when I noticed a group of people crowded round an individual on the street.  I stopped and suspected that the individual had stopped breathing and the people around were becoming panicked and upset.  I asked if anyone was first aid trained and nobody was, so my training background kicked in!  I immediately checked if he was breathing.  He wasn’t, so I began chest compressions on him.  After about 30 compressions the individual gasped for air and started breathing. The police and the paramedics came and took over and thanked me for saving his life! This is all thanks to the knowledge that I have received whilst working for Apple Training Academy” Thank you to you, Vicky and well done for your valiant efforts.  We have a hero in the team! All the Team at Apple Training Academy