Employee of The Month – Jermaine Girard (Business Development Advisor)

Jermaine.jpgJermaine Girard – Business Development Advisor I am delighted to have won the Employee of the Month. This is the first time I have won the award in my vocational career and hopefully it is the first of many.   Hopefully this now invigorates me with the spirit of those early entrepreneurs during the days of industrialisation and I can go from strength to strength. Today employee of the month, tomorrow who knows what? Watch out Bill Gates… I’M COMING!!!!   In closing, I want to thank Neil and Alanna for their hard work in helping me win the award. Without Neil’s elite expertise out in the field my hard work in the office would be a futile effort. I can supply all the ammunition in the world but I still need someone to ‘stick it in the back of the net’ for me and Neil happily obliged.